Standards for the technical infrastructure of language resource repositories: Persistent Identifiers

Oliver Schonefeld, Andreas Witt; Proceedings of KONVENS 2012 (SFLR 2012 workshop), pp. 485-485, September 2012.


This presentation addresses the standard on Persistent Identification and Sustainable Access (PISA). It explains the usage of the international standard for persistent reference to and management of electronic language resources (ISO 24619:2011) prepared by ISO’s Technical Committee TC37 (Terminology and other language and content resources), Subcommittee SC4 Language resource management). Its application allows to uniquely and sustainably identify language resources by issuing so-called persistent identifiers (PIDs) that can be assigned to single resources rendering them identifiable, referenceable and interoperable. Such a method and its application is indispensable for reliable collaborative linguistic research activities.

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