Standards for language technology - Relevance and impact

Gerhard Budin; Proceedings of KONVENS 2012 (SFLR 2012 workshop), pp. 484-484, September 2012.


While there is common concensus that IT industry at large hardly works without international standards, it is far less obvious that language technologies for practical (industrial) as well as for research purposes should also heavily rely on international standards. In addition, there are several communities and organisations that do work on standards for language industry and for computational linguistics, which has led to some degree of fragmentation and lack of cooperation. The paper reviews the state-of-the-art of global standardization efforts for language resources and language technologies and identifies most urgent work items and most pressing needs for inter-organisational and cross-community collaboration efforts in order to achieve a higher degree of interoperability of formats, schemata, web services, data models, etc. for the wide spectrum of language technologies, the main goal of these efforts being to achieve a much higher impact of language technology standards in research as well as in industry.

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