Comparing Czech and Russian valency on the material of VALLEX

Natalia Klyueva ; Proceedings of KONVENS 2012 (LexSem 2012 workshop), pp. 446-451, September 2012.


In this study we have compared Czech and Russian valency frames based on monolingual and bilingual data. We assume that Czech and Russian are close enough to have, for the majority of their verbs, similar valency structures. We have exploited Vallex as a source of valency frames and have used a Czech-Russian dictionary to automatically translate Czech verbs into Russian. Afterwards, we have manually checked whether the Czech frame fits the Russian verb and, in case it was different, we have added the verb to the set that will be described in our paper. We suggest that there is a connection between the semantic class of some verbs and the type of difference between their Czech and Russian valency frames.

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