Opinion analysis: The effect of negation on polarity and intensity

Lei Zhang, Stéphane Ferrari, Patrice Enjalbert; Proceedings of KONVENS 2012 (PATHOS 2012 workshop), pp. 282-290, September 2012.


This paper presents an ongoing work addressing the problem of opinion analysis. It takes part into a collaborative project with industrial partners, aiming at providing a professional with a help for strategic and technical intelligence. Thus, we focus on local semantic analysis rather than text or sentence classification. The purpose of our task-oriented approach is to characterize the properties of opinion statements in an applicative corpus. Inspired by linguistic models, the method we propose is a compositional one, consisting in detecting and analyzing modifiers and negation which contribute to the interpretation of the polarity and the intensity of opinion expressions. We describe our model and its first implementation before discussing the results of a proof-of-concept experiment focusing on adjectival expressions.

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