Emotions and creative language

Carlo Strappavara; Proceedings of KONVENS 2012 (PATHOS 2012 workshop), pp. 268-268, September 2012.


Dealing with creative language and in particular with affective, persuasive and possibly humorous language has been considered outside the scope of computational linguistics. Nonetheless it is possible to exploit current NLP techniques starting some explorations about it. We briefly review some computational experience about these typical creative genres. In particular we will focus on research issues relevant to how affective meanings are expressed in natural language, and it will introduce techniques for affective content detection and generation. As far as persuasive language is concerned, after the introduction of a specifically tagged corpus (exploiting for example public political speeches), some techniques for persuasive lexicon extraction and for predicting persuasiveness of discourses are provided. We conclude the talk showing some explorations in the automatic emotion recognition exploiting a combination of music and lyrics.

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