Three approaches to finding valence compounds

Yannick Versley, Anne Brock, Verena Henrich, Erhard Hinrichs; Proceedings of KONVENS 2012 (Main track: poster presentations), pp. 208-212, September 2012.


Valence compounds (German: Rektionskomposita) such as Autofahrer (car driver) are a special subclass in the otherwise very heterogeneous class of nominal compounds. As the corresponding verb (fahren in the example) governs the (accusative) object (Auto), valence compounds allow for a straightforward (event-)semantic interpretation. Hence the automatic detection of valence compounds constitutes an essential step towards a more comprehensive approach to the analysis of compound-internal semantic relations. Using a hand-annotated dataset of 200 examples, we develop an accurate approach that finds valence compounds in large-scale corpora.

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