Please take some time to read these instructions, as they contain important information.


We will need your camera-ready copy by August 27, 2012, 23:59 PST in order to prepare the final proceedings.

Papers that are not submitted in time will not be included in the proceedings.
Note: Every accepted paper needs to have at least one registered author by the camera-ready deadline. Please see the conference registration site for details on how to register.


Your paper has been accepted for publication in one of the following tracks:

  • Accept (Oral): The submission was accepted for oral presentation, and the camera-ready copy of the paper may contain up to 8 pages + references.
  • Accept (Poster): The paper will be presented as a poster and the camera-ready copy may contain up to 4 pages + references.
  • Accept (Long Poster): In some cases, a submitted full paper was not deemed ready for oral presentation, but was still found to have some merit. Such a paper will be presented as a poster, but since it was submitted as a full paper, and to allow for incorporation of the reviewer comments, the camera-ready copy may still contain 8 pages + references.

All of the above types of accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of KONVENS 2012.

In all cases, we expect you to incorporate the reviewer comments as well as possible. The program committee worked hard to ensure a fair and thorough reviewing process. Please repay their efforts by taking into account their suggestions and by improving your paper.


Please follow the same formatting guidelines that also applied to submission of the manuscript and create a single PDF file. In particular, do not use the hyperref package and do not number the pages of your submission, as the pages will be automatically numbered during compilation of the proceedings.

Preparation of posters:
The poster boards will be 118.5 x 146cm, so we suggest to adhere to these constraints for maximum compatibility. An A0-sized poster will be fine, for instance.


As for the reviews, KONVENS 2012 uses the CMT system to manage the submission of camera-ready papers. Please log onto the CMT site, available at

and upload your paper, filling in the required details. Please contact the organizing committee in case any questions remain.